May 20, 2024
Do Ring Cameras Work Without WiFi? - See Definite Answer

Do Ring Cameras Work Without WiFi? – See Definite Answer

Do Ring Cameras Work Without WiFi?

Ring cameras have efficiently satisfied homeowners and become a common alternative to safety. But what happens if your WiFi connection is lost or unreliable? Do Ring cameras still work without WiFi?

How Ring Cameras Work

Ring cameras are intended to operate in combination with your home’s WiFi network. They link to the internet via WiFi and provide video and audio signals to your smartphone or tablet using the Ring app. When you get a motion alert or wish to watch live video, your Ring camera uses WiFi to transfer the video stream to your smartphone.

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Do Ring Cameras Work Without WiFi?

The short answer is no. Ring cameras do not function without WiFi. Without a WiFi connection, your Ring camera cannot send video or audio signals to your device, and you will not receive motion alerts or see live footage.

Although there are various exceptions and solutions:

Local Recording:

Some Ring camera models, such as the Ring Stick Up Cam, support local recording. This implies that they can save video footage locally on the camera, even without WiFi. You may then see the video by removing the camera’s SD card and placing it into your computer.

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Power Over Ethernet (PoE):

If you connect a Ring camera to your network via Ethernet wire (PoE), it will still function without WiFi. However, this needs a physical connection to your network and does not apply to battery-powered cameras.


Q1: Can I use my Ring camera without the internet?

No, you cannot use your Ring camera without the internet. This is because the ring camera will not send a signal to your smartphone or any device you wish to send the footage to.

Q2: Can I use a Ring camera with a wired internet connection?

Yes, you can use a Ring camera with wired internet if it is connected to the router using an Ethernet cable (PoE).

Q3: How do I troubleshoot WiFi connectivity issues with my Ring camera?

Before troubleshooting connectivity issues, try to observe where the issue is coming from. Then,

  • Restart the camera and router.
  • Check your WiFi network settings, and ensure your camera is connected to the correct network.

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Ring cameras require WiFi to function properly, while there are several exceptions and solutions. If you have regular WiFi outages or connectivity concerns, consider utilizing a Ring camera with local recording capabilities or looking into other security camera choices that do not rely on WiFi.

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