May 20, 2024
How To Block Adults Websites On My Phone Permanently?

How To Block Adults Websites On My Phone Permanently?

How To Block Adults Websites On My Phone Permanently? Websites with explicit sexual content meant only for adults are commonly referred to as adult websites. These websites commonly include written, visual, or video content that can be offensive to minors or contain explicit sexual content or nudity.

So guys, let me hit you up with the main topic. It’s an easy thing to do. Just read this article carefully.

How to block adults websites on my phone permanently?

Blocking adult websites on your phone permanently is an important step towards maintaining a healthy and safe online history on your phone, particularly for people who want to avoid being exposed to explicit content.

In today’s digital age, where the internet is at our fingertips, providing a secure and suitable browsing experience is important, especially when it comes to protecting oneself or others from pornographic content permanently. Fortunately, there are various techniques on “how to block adults websites on my phone”

 To block adult websites on your phone use any of the method below:

  • Content Filtering Apps: Install a content filtering app from your device’s app store. These apps allow you to block specific categories of websites, including adult content.
  • Built-in Parental Controls: Many smartphones offer built-in parental control features that allow you to restrict access to certain websites. Check your device’s settings for options like “Restrictions” or “Parental Controls.”
  • Browser Preferences: A few browsers come with pre-installed controls to prohibit adult content. These options are typically located in the preferences or settings menu of the browser.
  • DNS Filtering: You can set up DNS filtering on your home network to block access to adult websites on all devices connected to that network. This requires changing your router’s DNS settings to use a filtering service like OpenDNS or CleanBrowsing.
  • Third-Party Routers: Consider using a third-party router with advanced parental control features. These routers often offer more granular control over website blocking and filtering.
  • Talk to Your Internet Service Provider: Some internet service providers offer parental control features that can help you block adult content at the network level.

To permanently ban adult websites on your phone, install a third-party parental control app from the Google Play Store.

Search for these apps “Norton Family Parental Control” or the “Kaspersky SafeKids: Parental Control & Family GPS.” Using these apps, you can set filters to restrict access to pornographic content and block specific websites.

Install these apps, then follow the setup instructions, then change the settings to block adult websites.

I will guide you on how to use some of the apps one after the other

Apps that can block adults’ websites on your phone

1. Kaspersky

How to use it:

Sign in: Log in with your username and password. Select the child’s profile.

  • Select the profile of the child for whom you wish to implement website filtering.
  • Go to Rules. Navigate to the “Rules” section of the child’s profile.
  • Add a new rule. Look for the opportunity to create a new rule or amend an existing one.
  • Choose web monitoring or website filtering: Based on the options provided, select a web monitoring or website filtering feature,
  • Set up categories: Look for categories containing explicit content or inappropriate websites. In Kaspersky SafeKids, this is usually categorized as “Adult content” or something similar.
  • Activate the block: Turn on the block or filtering feature for adult content or inappropriate websites.
  • Save settings: Once you’ve customized the settings to your liking, save your changes.
  • Verify: Try accessing a known pornographic website from the child’s device to check that the blocking is working properly.

2. BlockSite

This app allows you to block pornographic and other distracting websites. It also includes features like scheduling and password security.

3. FamiSafe

Is a comprehensive parental control tool that not only bans adult content, but also monitors app activity, controls screen time, and tracks location.

4. Safe Surfer

Provides real-time content screening to block pornographic websites and other inappropriate information.

5. Norton Family.

Offers parental control features such as website filtering to prevent adult content, as well as monitoring and time management tools.

So however these apps often need you to create an account and change the settings based on your preferences. Remember to choose an app that meets your needs and preferences, and make sure it is compatible with your device and operating system version.


Can adult website be ban?

Yes sure, governments of countries can work to prohibit pornographic websites inside their country for a variety of reasons, including cultural, moral, or legal issues.  Many countries have laws and regulations in place that limit or prohibit access to specific sorts of content, such as pornography.

However, the effectiveness of such prohibitions might be different because, some individual may continue to access these websites using virtual private networks (VPNs) or other means.

How can I prevent my child from using pornographic websites?

To keep your children from watching adult websites, you can:

  • Install parental control software on your devices to prevent access to adult sites.
  • Enable safe search filters on search engines such as Google to remove adult content from search results.
  • Educate your child: You should have an open chat with your children about the dangers of adult content online and the importance of avoiding it.
  • Monitor their online activity: Keep monitoring your child’s internet behavior and examine their browsing history on a frequent basis.
  • Set device restrictions: To limit access to inappropriate content, use the device’s built-in parental control tools.
  • Encourage healthy online habits: Teach your child to use the internet responsibly and to seek your guidance if they come across any questionable content.

How To Block Adults Websites On My Phone Permanently?


The influence of adult websites is multifaceted greatly based on people’s opinions and situations.

While some claim that they allow for sexual expression and experimentation, others are concerned about the possibility of addiction, objectification, and harmful societal consequences.

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