May 20, 2024
How to Connect Brother Printer to Wifi

How to Connect Brother Printer to Wifi – Experts Guide

Do you want to print wirelessly? Or do you find it difficult to print wirelessly with your brother’s printer? Don’t worry, we get you covered. How to connect your brother printer to Wifi is a simple process.

Wireless printing is now a priority for individuals and businesses. Brother printers provide a wireless printing mode that allows you to print from your devices without cables.

In this piece of writing, we are going to discuss how you can easily connect your Brother printer to WiFi, troubleshoot common issues, and give you an insight into the benefits of wireless printing.

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Benefits of Wireless Printing

There are several advantages offered by wireless printing over traditional wired printing, including:

  1. Convenience: Print from anywhere or anytime in your home or office without using cables.
  2. Mobility: You can print from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop without considering your location.
  3. Ease of use: Simplify the printing process with wireless connectivity.
  4. Cost-effective: Reduce the need for cables and printer maintenance.

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Preparation to Connect Brother Printer to Wifi

Before connecting your Brother printer to WiFi, make sure you have the following.

  • Brother Printer: Check that your printer is suitable for wireless printing. Check your printer’s handbook or the manufacturer’s website to confirm.
  • WiFi Router: Make sure your router is up and running, and that your internet connection is reliable.
  • Devices: Make sure you connect your devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.) to the same WiFi network you connected your printer to.
  • Printer driver: Ensure that you download and install the newest printer driver from the Brother website to ensure suitability with your device.

How to Connect Brother Printer to Wifi

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Step 1:

Prepare Your Printer

  • PUT on your Brother printer and ensure it’s connected to a power source.
  • TURN on your printer’s WiFi. Get your printer’s manual or head over to your manufacturer’s website for instructions.
Step 2:

Access Your Printer’s Control Panel

Search and locate the control panel on your Brother printer (it should be a touchscreen display or buttons and LCD screen).

PRESS the “Menu” button and MOVE to the “Network” or “WiFi” settings.

Step 3:

Select Your WiFi Network

  • SELECT “WiFi” or “Wireless” as your connection type.
  • CHOOSE your WiFi network with list of Wifi.
  • Here, ENTER your network password using the keypad or touchscreen.
Step 4:

Connect Your Printer to WiFi

  • After you enter your password, your printer will connect to your WiFi network automatically.
  • A confirmation message may be sent on the control panel indicating that you have successfully connected your wifi.
Step 5:

Install the Brother Printer Driver

  • HEAD over to the Brother website and download the specific printer’s driver.
  • Adhere to the installation guidelines to set up the driver on your PC or mobile device.
Step 6: You Can Print Now! (Print Wirelessly)
  • Check that your WiFi is linked to your printer, to do that, OPEN a document or image on your device and select “Print.”
  • Choose your printer using the presented options. Choose your printer from the available options.
  • CLICK on “Print” to wirelessly print your document or image.

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How to Fix Common Issues while Connecting Your Wifi

Now, that you know how to connect your Wifi to your Brother printer

If your printer refuses to connect to your WiFi, ensure it is properly activated and installed.

Refresh your printer and router to repair connectivity problems.

  • The printer does not show up on the device:
  • Make sure your device is linked to the same WiFi network as your printer.
  • Ensure that your printer’s driver is installed and up to date.
Printing issues:
  • Check your printer’s paper and ink levels.
  • Ensure your printer is properly configured and connected to your device.


Q: How do I connect my printer to Wi-Fi?
  • Enable your printer’s Wi-Fi.
  • On your printer’s control panel, click on the Wireless or Wi-Fi option.
  • Click your network from the options.
  • Input your network password if required.
  • You should wait for the setup to complete.


Please keep in mind that the specific directions may differ based on the make and model of your printer. You should reference your printer’s guidebook (manual) or visit the recognized website of your manufacturer for guidance.


Connecting your Brother printer to WiFi is a clear-cut process that proffers benefits, including convenience, mobility, and ease of use.

By following this comprehensive guide outlined above, you can easily set up your printer for wireless. Remember to troubleshoot common issues and make sure your printer is properly configured for optimal performance.

I Hope you can now proudly connect your brother printer wirelessly.

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